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strength, speed, stamina


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Healthy Tips

  • 30NOV
    Bodybuilding Training Tips

    Bodybuilding Training Tips

    Pair the following muscle groups to build a solid foundation: • Chest and Shoulders • Back,Biceps and Triceps • Legs, Calves and core/abdominals Remember that skeletal muscles need 48-72 hours to recover after a intense training session.

  • 30NOV
    Valuable Tips On Healthy Eating

    Valuable Tips On Healthy Eating

    Most people have the perception that training alone holds the key to building a better body….NOT SO!!!! Here are some nutritional tips that will help bring on good results: Never skip breakfast. Breakfast does exactly what it suggests…It “breaks the fast”. By eating breakfast every morning you set your metabolism into action… Eat 5-6 balanced meals each

To All Fitstop Members – Bromhof Branch

Dear Bronhof member of the Fitstop Gym

As you are aware a dispute over the terms and cost of the lease and related services is on going between the Bromhof branch and the landlords of the property.

This has seen a number of disruptions to the gym and the availability of the services to our valued and loyal members.

The most recent development has been an application to declare the electrical wiring of the gym unsafe. We dispute this and have a valid certificate of compliance for the gym. None the less we have also taken additional steps to further remedy the situation. Your safe and unrestricted access to your gym is our paramount concern.

We have brought an urgent application to have the gym reopened. We are now waiting on the Sherriff to open the gym.

Please be assured that we are working hard to ensure fair treatment for gym members and to settle the vexatious disputes in a way that does not prejudice the viability and services of the gym.

Kind regards,
Fitstop Management

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